New Forest Service Maps Show the Trickle Down Effect Between Healthy Forests and Healthy Water


The U.S. Forest Service recently unveiled its Forests to Faucets project, a series of maps that illustrate the importance of forests in sustaining healthy sources of surface drinking water. The interactive maps use a geographic information system to show the essential role forests play in providing clean drinking water to urban communities.

In addition to connecting forests and drinking water, the Forests to Faucets maps also identify the threat of development, fire, insects, and disease in watersheds across the nation. The maps are also effective for determining where payment for watershed services projects is an option for financing conservation on forest lands. The cost of treating drinking water increases 20 percent for every loss of 10 percent of forest land in a watershed.

Click here to learn more about the U.S. Forest Service’s Forests to Faucets Project.

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