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Source Water Protection Through Forestry Partnerships


The Source Water Collaborative Launches New Forestry Learning Exchange

The Source Water Collaborative (SWC) is pleased to announce the launch of a new Learning Exchange— Source Water Protection Through Forestry Partnerships. With the Learning Exchange, the SWC aims to strengthen the effectiveness of source water prac...

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“Healthy forests are vital to clean and abundant supplies of drinking water in the United States. Over 180 million Americans rely on drinking water captured and filtered by our forested lands. For this reason alone, it is absolutely essential that we work together across all agencies, ownerships, and obstacles to protect, conserve, and enhance our forests.”

Vicki Christiansen, Chief Of The US Department Of Agriculture’s Forest Service

Forestry and Drinking Water Videos

America’s Forests With Chuck Leavell: Colorado from 42 Degrees North Media on Vimeo.
Videos on forests and source water protection: Produced by the Southern Group of State Foresters