Source Water Protection (SWP) Learning Exchange topics:

Nutrient Reduction Successes


SWC Learning Exchange: Why Everyone Should Care About Nutrient Pollution

Co-Authored by SWC Members: Jim Taft (ASDWA), Lynn Thorp (Clean Water Action) and Karen Wirth (EPA’s Source Water Protection Team) This month, the Source Water Collaborative’s Learning Exchange will feature efforts to reduce nutrient pollution i...

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EPA’s Office of Water fosters and supports partnerships and collaboration which are critical to making sustained progress on reducing nutrient pollution, a growing and significant threat to water quality and public health.

– Joel Beauvais, Deputy Assistant Administrator, US EPA Office Of Water

Protect The Source: A Story Map

Communities across the country are working together to eliminate nutrient pollution in their sources of drinking water. Click on the interactive story map below to learn more about the causes and sources of nutrient pollution and to browse projects to reduce nutrients in your area.

To use the Story Map:

  • Click the image below to open the map in your browser
  • Scroll down through pages using your mouse roller or the browser arrows
  • Jump to a story section by clicking a bookmark in the webpage header
  • You may also navigate maps embedded within the story map pages by clicking on the map and using the built-in browser tools
  • At the end of the map you will find a “Project Inventory” of examples of what some communities across the country are doing to eliminate nutrient pollution in their sources of drinking water

To use the “Project Inventory” Map:

Click images on the sidebar at left or on map pins to view project summaries

To feature your project on this Map:

Share a brief description on how you are reducing nutrient pollution in source water to