The Source Water Collaborative Celebrates Source Water Protection Week

Did you know that the national Source Water Collaborative (SWC) coordinates a network of 36 collaboratives working to protect sources of drinking water at the local, state and regional/watershed level?

As we celebrate Source Water Protection Week, we are proud of these communities and regions who are working hard to ensure we all benefit from clean, safe drinking water. The national SWC coordinates this network by:

  • Hosting bi-monthly virtual meetings featuring partner resources, such as grant notifications, and source water protection updates.
  • Featuring the work of 36+ collaboratives here on the website and in virtual meetings
  • Helping collaboratives find ideas, tips, and materials via its comprehensive How-To Collaborate Toolkit.

“The Source Water Collaborative Network has been an invaluable resource for me to learn from other collaboratives through peer networking.  As a member of five state and regional Source Water Collaboratives, I appreciate hearing about what works for other networks and how to capitalize on their successes!” Kira Jacobs, EPA Region 1 Source Water Protection Coordinator.

“The Source Water Collaborative and its series of virtual network meetings are a valuable resource to our members; both in terms of the sound technical information and tools offered, and especially for the opportunity to meet others and learn their stories about protecting and improving watersheds and water quality.”  James Shallenberger, Chairperson, Lower Susquehanna Source Water Protection Partnership

“Every time I join one of the Source Water Collaborative Network  meetings I learn something new and go away with at least one idea we can use in our watershed.”  Vicki Taylor, Executive Coordinator/Project Leader, Catawba-Wateree Initiative

“Being a part of the Source Water Collaborative Network is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on funding opportunities, new publications, and other resources useful for both our collaborative and individual members.”  Jenna Dodson, Safe Water Conservation Collaborative

Add your information here if you’re interested in receiving invitations to the bi-monthly virtual meetings and email group. Check out the collaboratives list and let us know if your collaborative should be featured. We welcome the opportunity to expand this network.

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