Source Water Collaborative Launches New Website

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Your new 2022 Source Water Collaborative Co-Chairs, Lynn Thorp of Clean Water Action and Deirdre White of the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators, are pleased to announce that we have launched our new Source Water Collaborative website. Check it out at the same address ( and send us your events to populate the calendar.

Some of the changes to the website make it easier to navigate to the key tools and resources, and include turning both the How-to-Collaborate Toolkit and the Agricultural Collaboration Toolkit into pdfs for easy viewing and printing. These toolkits, along with our maps and summaries of “Collaboratives Near You,” the “Learning Exchange” resources and webinars by topics, and more, are all designed to help federal, state, and local partners work together to implement projects and initiatives that protect the nation’s drinking water sources. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions for further website improvements, and please bear with us as we work out a few kinks.

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