Register Now for the First Forestry Learning Exchange Webinar on February 17th

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On Wednesday, February 17th from 2:30 – 4:00 pm EST, the Source Water Collaborative will host a new Learning Exchange webinar titled “Source Water Protection Through Forestry Partnerships” as part of the new Learning Exchange webinar series. The series, totaling 4 webinars, will focus on the critical role well managed forests play in watershed health and in ensuring safe and reliable supplies of drinking water.

This webinar will highlight how members of the Joint Forestry Team are coordinating efforts to deliver forestry and conservation assistance for working forests, farms, and ranches. Speakers will share how their organizations independently and through coordinated actions improve the sustainability of the nation’s forests in order to provide optimum levels of public benefits and ecosystem services (including protecting sources of drinking water).

Moderator: Karen Wirth, US Environmental Protection Agency

Speakers: National Joint Forestry Team Representatives

• Susan Stein, USDA Forest Service

• Laurie Schoonhoven, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

• Mike Beacom, National Association of Conservation Districts, Forestry Resource Policy Group

• Whitney Forman-Cook, National Association of State Foresters.

Visit the SWC’s new Learning Exchange web page to register.

We hope you can join us!

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