Register for Feb. 27th Webinar on Zoning for Source Water Protection

The National Rural Water Association is offering a webinar on zoning for source water protection – a key opportunity at the local level to consider source water protection needs when planning for community land uses and future growth.

As the webinar description states, zoning is a practice of land use management developed by municipal or county government commissions along with planners, engineers, scientists, and other professionals that aims to improve sustainable growth for communities. Most developed areas in the United States are subject to zoning regulations administered at the local level….  Zoning has been successfully implemented toward the protection of source water in communities throughout the country and stands to offer an effective method for source water protection on a broader scale.

Register for the 2/27 webinar here:  Zoning for Source Water Protection

For more information about land use planning, view the Source Water Collaborative Planners’ Guide, developed with member American Planning Association.

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